January 14, 2017

Recent News

At the foundation’s December 2016 grant distribution event, each non-profit received a special, unexpected Christmas gift! All organizations receiving grants during the fall cycle were presented with an additional $500 check which they could use in any manner they chose to help brighten the lives of needy people they come in contact with during the holiday season. Here are some wonderful examples of how the Christmas grant was used:

CoxHealth Foundation

With the “bonus” $500 received from the Musgrave Foundation, we were able to assist 3 patients in great need receive the medications and/medical equipment that they otherwise would not have had:

Patient J.D. is a married, mother of 12-year-old twins that recently had a below-the-knee amputation and multiple complications that resulted in a lengthy hospital stay. While the family is insured through J.D.’s husbands employer, their insurance company would not cover the cost of a tub transfer bench that would allow J.D. to bathe independently. The CoxHealth Foundation was able to purchase the needed medical equipment for the patient for $150, enabling J.D. to return home to spend the holidays with her family.

Patient J.R. is a single 45-year-old women with significant disability living in Christian County. She is unable to work and has very limited income. Her Medicaid coverage is pending approval, and she has high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, heart failure, sleep apnea, only one kidney, and recently had a stroke. J.R. has a long list of medications she desperately needs to continue taking, but without insurance coverage, she could not afford to fill her prescriptions. CoxHealth Foundation was able to provide $279.35 to this patient to assist her in purchasing a 30 day supply of necessary medication which will bridge the gap while she awaits Medicaid approval. Because of these dollars, Patient J.R. is alive.

Patient E.H. is a life-long roofer that has developed COPD and came to the hospital unable to breathe. His condition made it difficult for him to climb ladders and carry materials for his job. CoxHealth Foundation was able to cover $94.68 of the patient’s needed steroids, inhalers, and heart medication to assist him on the road to recovery.

CoxHealth Foundation has been able to assist more than 700 patients in need this year. We very much appreciate the additional support of the Musgrave Foundation to be able to help three more patients experience the gift of hope this December. Thank you!


Good Dads, Inc.

Daniel has 2 kids lives with his wife, his cousin and his cousins 2 kids. They just moved in together because of bad circumstances and the utility bills hit them hard. Between the bills and buying plastic and other weatherizing materials, they’re struggling to have anything for Christmas (no tree, no gifts). This money will help them buy a few things for the kids.

Terry has 3 boys at Weaver and a 19 year old stepson that lives with him. He’s had a tough few months lately. His truck has been having problems and is still in the shop. Last week, his family was robbed and among other things, all of the kids Christmas presents were stolen. This money is a lift and will help them pay some of bills.
Russell recently learned that his wife had taken off leaving their three children, 7, 5 and 4 in his sole custody. Russell was forced to leave his employment as an over-the-road truck driver to care for the children. He has few supports. We used some of the money to help Russell with gas for transportation of the children to day care.


Dallas County Health Department

Dear Musgrave Foundation

First off, thank you once again for finding our programming worthy of funding from your foundation. A good portion of the work we do, and the programs that we offer, would not be possible without grants and funding from generous foundations such as Musgrave.

Second, the extra $500.00 that you provided was SUCH A BLESSING. I cannot tell you how grateful, humbled and honored I was that you provided us with the opportunity to bless our community in such a way. I for one, and us as an organization, took that honor very seriously.

It was with careful thought and consideration that we choose families and/or individuals to help. By reaching out to the local ministerial alliance (who manages or local Salvation Army funds), so that we wouldn’t duplicate those already receiving assistance; we were actually fortunate enough to help six families and I wanted to take a moment to give you a glimpse into the lives that you have touched:

1. A retired Army Nurse, living in an assisted living facility, no family to visit her, she volunteers weekly with local organizations, living below the federal poverty level (as she qualifies for Medicaid).

2. A family where dad is the primary wage earner, but due to unexpected circumstances, beyond the families control, has to be out of work for@ least 3-4 months.

3. A family of five where both parents work and make just enough that they don’t qualify for help with state aided daycare, yet struggle to make it. Recently, the family was in a car accident where both parents were injured and lost time at work. The family also had to abruptly move from their rental house in town to a rental house in the country; ( due to abuse suffered by the oldest daughter by a neighbor of their rental house in town) while the parents were working and younger siblings were at daycare.

4. A family of five who’s mom (age 41) was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. Within two weeks of her diagnosis she underwent a radical hysterectomy. Dad works outside the home and mom runs an entrepreneurial business, dad has had to take family medical leave from his job to care for mom during her treatment.

5. A family of seven who recently suffered a house fire and lost everything. Dad works, mom spends most of her time caring for the five children, one of whom has chronic medical conditions Gust had a heart valve replaced this week).

6. A blended family of four, dad, has primary custody of his three children. Both parents work, but struggle to make ends meet. The family’s dated vehicle has been having issues, resulting in mom being late for work and stranded at work.

All of these gifts were presented completely anonymously, however; the enclosed letter was included in each acknowledging Jeannette L. Musgrave and her generosity that keeps giving through the Musgrave Foundation.

May your lives be as richly blessed as ours, thanks for making Dallas County Health Department a part of your good works! Have a Blessed Christmas and 2017!

Sincere Thanks and Gratitude

Rachel Shoemaker (Health Educator),
Cheryl Eversole (Administrator),
the staff of Dallas County Health Department & the Dallas County Community