Boys Choir of Springfield

The Boys Choir of Springfield encourages boys in grades 3 through 8 who have exceptional vocal music talent to develop this talent in a challenging musical ensemble lead by positive role models. Membership in Boys Choir of Springfield is not limited by social status, race, or economics. As a choir, boys strive to grow musically, as well as spiritually and personally. As an organization, boys share their gifts in a variety of venues that encourage others to become involved in our community through the power of music. Our motto is “Strength in diversity, harmony in song”

The Concert season and Choir Festival provide the boys the opportunity for quality performances and to share the glorious sounds with our community while encouraging other boys to join the group.

Long range plans and vision for BCS include a full concert season each year as a gift to our community and an outreach to boys of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. Plans also foresee the continuation of the BCS Choir Festival to improve choral music performance. Our artistic personnel: Mr. Danny Gutierrez and Mr. Jimmy Benecasa are integral to the continuation of Boys Choir of Springfield.

Mr. Danny Gutierrez is a leader in the choral community. He is knowledgeable of boy’s voices and literature that is appropriate for their age. He is a leader in music education. He is an outstanding musician and performer. He is a man of impeccable moral character capable of guiding boys to become both outstanding musicians and citizens.

Boys Choir of Springfield is the only tuition free boys choir in Southwest Missouri. Tuition free does not mean it doesn’t cost to maintain such an outstanding musical opportunity. Under the leadership of Mr. Danny Gutierrez, the artistic director, boys in BCS experience all styles, genres and periods of music. He wants boys in the choir to be able to interact and perform with different artists and support local artistry. BCS wants the community to be more aware of our organization and the culturally diverse concerts we provide. Music has the power to inform a community and teach life lessons, including virtually all factual information taught in schools. The Boys Choir exemplifies this musical phenomenon.

Children experience vocal music in school but few have the opportunity to pursue choral music and perform at a high level musically. Research substantiates the value of music in the lives of young boys as an artistic alternative to a destructive life. We want to provide an outlet for boys, who may or may not attend church, or have the opportunity to pursue singing. Mr. Danny Gutierrez is facilitating that goal.

The Springfield area is an artistic mecca with many musical options including the tuition-free Boys Choir. The Boys Choir was “literally” the “talk of the town” last holiday season after performing with the Springfield Symphony and the MSU Grand Chorus and orchestra. Our Artistic Director coached the boys to near perfection as they performed very difficult music before thousands of Springfield music lovers. Stage presence and memorized music completed their very professional-looking performances. Comments generally sounded like: “Wow! Did you hear that Boys Choir? I didn’t even know Springfield had a Boys Choir! They were superb!” Yes, Boys Choir of Springfield now provides another much needed musical element to the Springfield community that will only continue to flourish. This year Mr. Gutierrez has initiated the help of two assistants to manage the greater number of boys now enrolled. Two music education students from local universities were selected and awarded music scholarships to work with the Boys Choir. They have been an invaluable addition to the rehearsals and performances of the boys.