I Pour Life

I Pour Life developed LifeStrengths after observing marginalized youth who were approaching the “age-out” date of their government assisted programs. These youth were unprepared, under-developed, and unaware how to live a purposeful and self-sufficient lifestyle.

LifeStrengths is an innovative, 12-month personal development process, allowing young adults (ages 16-25) to take on a new mindset. Participants gain an understanding of the hand up approach versus a government assisted lifestyle. Individuals participating in LifeStrengths partner locally with agencies who provide relief or rehabilitation to homeless, foster, juvenile, and at-risk youth. Youth who are nominated by their local agency show signs of readiness and willingness for personal development.

LifeStrengths provides social capital to at-risk young adults by pairing them with a LifeCoach who, together with the individual, create a LifeMap leading to self-sufficiency. LifeStrengths participants develop sustainable solutions in the areas of education, resolution to criminal background, financial literacy, job retention, and independence from government subsidies. Through LifeStrengths, participants will learn new patterns of thinking, discover new social networks, and give back to the community.

For more information regarding LifeStrengths, visit us at www.ipourlife.org/lifestrengths/

Alexis LifeStrengths Video: