OTC Foundation

The OTC Foundation was establish in 1995 to help meet the growing needs of Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC). At the time of incorporation, the college was in its fifth year of operation with 3,507 college credit students. Presently, the college serves more than 14,000 credit students and an additional 7,900 non-credit students. OTC continues to grow, helping to meet the strong demand for job-skills education and workforce training in southwest Missouri. In addition to technical education programs, the college also offers a wide variety of transfer degrees. This gives our local students an affordable option for completing their first two years of higher education.

OTC proudly hosts a robust Allied Health department. The department’s 13 accredited health care programs educate and train a wide array of health practitioners that support the local community. For more than 10 years, the Musgrave Foundation has generously supported the OTC Foundation by granting scholarships for Allied Health students. Through the outstanding partnership of the Musgrave Foundation, OTC students are able to pursue their dreams and improve the lives of their families and communities.