CoxHealth Foundation

Thanks to the Musgrave Foundation CoxHealth has had a strong partner in meeting the health care needs of our community. A dear friend to Lester Cox, Mrs. Musgrave always received her care at Burge Hospital, now CoxHealth. Correspondence from her stated, “I am proud of and impressed by the nursing staff.” She provided a nursing scholarship while she was living and the Musgrave Foundation has continued her legacy by providing 20-24 scholarships for nursing students annually. As our community continues to grow and age, nurses will play an even larger role in southwest Missouri and the Ozarks.

It is thanks to the Musgrave Foundation that CoxHealth has been able to attract some of the best and brightest students thanks to the scholarship opportunities. CoxHealth is grateful for the work of the Musgrave Foundation in supporting the the global needs of our city and region.